Advertise with us!!


We at La Crete Online have been working hard at re-doing our Website to make it better!
We have now completed and would like to start having companies advertise with us! Our rates our cut in HALF!!
This is the time to advertise your Business, to promote it and grow your Business! 
La Crete Online is followed by a lot of people. Each day it’s growing and our monthly viewer is growing as well,
On average 10-12 thousand viewer have been on our site. 

As a extra Thank you to you for advertising we want to put your Business ad on our La Crete Online Face book Page/twitter once a month for every month you sign up, plus all your classified ads are free as well, (through business only) great way to get more exposure

Below are the rates that we are offering. Please call or email us back if you are interested in this opportunity!

3 Months – $300

6 Months- $500 (Save an extra $100)

9 Months- $700 ( Save an extra $200)

12 Months- $900 (Save an extra $300)  

Don’t have a website? Or face book page? Don’t worry we can help you with that as well, we have different options we can help asset you with.

La Crete Online
Box 1731
La Crete, AB
T0H 2H0

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