Andrea Giesbrecht found guilty of concealing 6 dead infants

WINNIPEG — After years of delays, the verdict is in. Andrea Giebrecht, 42, has been found guilty of six counts of concealing infant remains.

Provincial court Judge Murray Thompson handed down Giebrecht’s verdict Monday afternoon. Giebrecht faces up to 12 years in prison as each charge carries a maximum sentence of two years.

Giesbrecht was arrested Oct. 20, 2014, when six dead infants were found wrapped in towels and stored inside plastic containers in a U-Haul storage locker she had been renting.

She had pleaded not guilty to  to six counts of concealing infant remains and had been free on bail since she was arrested in 2014.


Grande Prairie couple fined almost $500,000 for tax evasion

A Grande Prairie husband and wife have been fined close to $500,000 for tax evasion.

Robert Dale Steinkey, 60, was fined $322,278 and given a conditional jail sentence of 22 months while Terry Lynn Steinkey, 63, was fined $164,124 and given a conditional jail sentence of 18 months, the Canada Revenue Agency said in a release Monday.

The couple pleaded guilty to evading federal income taxes of $486,402 for the 2007 and 2008 tax years in early December.

The CRA said evidence provided to the court showed the couple were part of the Paradigm Education Group, a “business which counselled people across Canada to commit fraud by evading tax.”

Paradigm is alleged to have given advice on “how to structure their affairs in a way to illegally avoid taxes.”

As of August 2016, 31 people have been convicted of criminal tax evasion because of their participation with Paradigm.



Angel Flight Alberta News Story!

Angel Flight Alberta, a charitable organization whose mission is to fly Albertans who are facing geographic or financial limitations who must travel to larger centres (Edmonton or Calgary typically) for medical appointments, at no charge to the patient.

Jim Runyon and Austen McDonald just flew Becky Banman and her friend from Edmonton home for Christmas. Becky has had a tough go recently and was very thankful to be able to be home over the holidays.
> Despite being under the weather himself, Jacob Fehr met the flight in La Crete, welcomed the girls home and topped up the plane for the pilots to make a quick turnaround and get back to Edmonton – with no invoice for the fuel!
> Jake has always been a strong supporter of Angel Flights and has put me up in La Crete on more than one occasion to be able to take a patient down to Edmonton for an early morning appointment.
> Maybe we could reach out to the local media to help the community appreciate the generosity of Jake and others there who are helping members of their community.

Please feel free to share the story of Jacob’s generosity.  We are always looking for people who we can help, so feel free to spread the word to everybody about Angel Flight’s free service so that more people can benefit from us.


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