La Crete Ferry and Ice Bridge Status

The La Crete Ferry is OPEN for the season!!

The Ferry will not run under severe fog conditions.

 Watch for roadside signs for updates on the operational guidelines of the La Crete Ferry, or check this website for current updates as we will be posting them as soon as we receive information.  We do not get notified when the Ferry shuts down for fog, you can call the fog hotline at 1800-828-3908 for more info! Thanks!































13 thoughts on “La Crete Ferry and Ice Bridge Status

  1. I’ve heard we’re getting a different ferry at the Tompkins crossing. I’d just like to suggest maybe looking for one that floats so it could operate even if the water level gets a little higher.

  2. Hi Peter Braun,
    We have to do something about the Ferry Operation.
    They are using every excuse in the book not to operate.
    We crossed with the Ferry last Friday night, with four small vehicles and a super-b, and we went straight across, not around the island that is supposedly giving them problems.
    A day and a half later, it shuts down due to mechanical failure/low water was the excuse.
    They are using excuses/excuses not to operate.
    Peter, we have have to take over the Ferry operation, and give it to someone who actually wants to operate it.
    We need to fight to have a Bridge built.
    Thank you Peter.

    • You said it like there is no possible way the water could go down any further than it was which is incorrect Yeah give it to someone who doesn’t know how the ferry transportation industry works that would make it all better, and by the way even if someone else would own the ferry you would still be under Alberta transportation so in reality giving the ferry to someone else would result in the exact same thing as we see today, it would not make a difference

  3. Another comment by someone who’s apparently ignorant of the facts and on
    what the river can do in a day or two,oh well,everyone has an opinion.

  4. Every time I get to cross the river on the ferry I think they are doing a good job. The only wait time there is if there is traffic ahead of

    me. They might need a larger ferry that needs less water to float on ? Or perhaps a bridge ?


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