La Crete Ferry and Ice Bridge Status

The La Crete Ferry is OPEN.

The Ferry will not run under severe fog conditions.

 Watch for roadside signs for updates on the operational guidelines of the La Crete Ferry, or check this website for current updates as we will be posting them as soon as we receive information.  We do not get notified when the Ferry shuts down for fog, you can call the fog hotline at 1800-828-3908 for more info! Thanks!

The Ferry is open 24/7 FREE of charge, to max 90 Ton and length is 120ft long ALL WEATHER Depended 
































3 thoughts on “La Crete Ferry and Ice Bridge Status

  1. Should set up road cameras by both ferry landings that update every minute or so that you could go onto the website and click on cameras and see if it’s foggy or how long the lines are before you go out there


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