Windsor Park Compassion Home looking for House Guests

Windsor Park Compassion Home (Edmonton Guest House) looking for House Parents!

The House parents that are there currently will be leaving April 8th and we are looking

for someone to take their place.

If you are interested, please contact one of the committee members:

David Froese 780-821-0860

Jake Doerksen 780-821-9044

6 thoughts on “Windsor Park Compassion Home looking for House Guests

  1. Nice, open communication and perfectly acceptable…indisputable since this is how the Mennonites live and carry out their normal life activities. We all ought to respect that……see Wikipedia.
    Many Windsor Park homes have other that the owners living in their homes, house-sitting, renting out to students and others, so changeover in personnel in the home is commonplace in Windsor Park.

    So the Compassion Houses are no different…its just that their socially responsible purpose is to be available for those needing what we take for granted living here, the outstanding medical and health services available to us but not to everyone who needs them because of geography.

    We, the residents of Windsor Park, need to welcome them with open arms, and help them with correcting any and all breeches of the law, misdemeanours or whatever they are accused of doing, and lets get on with our and their lives productively …and end the nastiness, name calling and bullying that is going on despite being unacceptable in Windsor Park and elsewhere for that matter…
    They are an asset to our community and we need to respect that.

  2. The Windsor Park Compassion Home is currently operating illegally as a “guest house” in a mature community. Numerous and continuous complaints have been lodged by community residents with regards to various offensive aspects of its operation. In order to continue to operate, the City of Edmonton has recently required the operators to apply for rezoning of the property from RF1 designation to DC2. The community is virtually unanimous in its opposition to this application and through the action Windsor Park Community League, will be vigorously opposing the the same. Anyone interested in becoming “House Parents” for this facility are entitled to know these issues.

  3. I’m not sure that the claim, above, that virtually everybody in Windsor Park is opposing the rezoning holds. Recently when I asked the President of the Windsor Park Community League how many residents were supportive of this action he told me he had no idea. Certainly the relatively small number of complainers are very loud, very vocal and write lots of E-mails…spouting often indefensible, unsubstantiated and ill-informed views… the supporters of retaining the operation of the much needed Compassion Houses are much less so. Perhaps like me, they communicate directly with the City of Edmonton or just get on with their lives in a more productive way.
    Compassion Houses are a very needed and welcome addition to any community, especially Windsor Park, being close to excellent health and treatment facilities.

    Ruth Elliott

    • Thank you, Ruth!

      As everyone may or may not realize, the renaming of the home to a compassion home (from it’s original “Guest House” name will help the community to understand its ministry and role to northern Albertans who come for Cancer Treatment or other medical appointments. It is similar to a Ronald McDonald House I suppose, but smaller in scope and budget, I suppose, and we all support McDonalds in their mission (well maybe all of us – we don’t have McDonald’s up here!). We as a community here in the north of the province have always appreciated the City of Edmonton in building up medical services for Alberta residents, and we as residents of this area hope this relationship will continue for years to come. We (and I know I speak for those who can’t) do ask that concerns about the home and its operation be directed to the board under which it operates so that legitimate complaints and commendations can find their way to the correct decision makers. As with any project, rules need to be esablished and patients in the home need to know them. Misuse of the privileges means they cannot come back again, but like a rowdy teenager in a mature neighborhood, some bumps along the way in the growth of a ministry can be expected. Locating and buying a large home of this nature in the middle of a university hospital community was a true blessing and money is being raised here in the La Crete & Fort Vermlion areas to pay this home off and keep it running over the years. When you meet a sick person who has no medical insurance and limited resources to spend on hotels and travel, access to a home of this nature is a miracle for them. Windsor Park community can be part of this miracle and when you meet the patients and their families we hope they are a good reflection of the kindheartedness and generosity that you would find when visiting our communities here in the north.

      It was sad to read the opposition to the home when we have such a wonderful feeling of camaradie for the project here in the north.

      • Despite the lovely description of the intent of your “compassion House”, the opposition comes as a result of the years of abuse of the privilege of neighbourhood status through being completely oblivious to complaints and concerns of residents expressed repeatedly over several years. It is usual for as many as 10 vehicles to be parked in the driveway and on he lawn of a mature neighbourhood home with several more vehicles illegally parked on the street. Numerous episodes of ignorance or abuse of neighbourhood residents by those staying in the house have been documented and continue. Neighbourhood standards of cleanliness and refuse disposal are ignored and it is well known that many residents of the home have, over the years, no medical reason for attendance. Unless these issues are permanently addressed, such a paid residence, cannot be welcomed in a mature neighbourhood.

  4. I have yet to see any of the so-called “abuses” cited by Dr. Caldwell, above , and I live within 6 houses of the Compassion House mentioned…and go by their home regularly as do many of my closest neighbours who also agree with me that they have seen no evidence of the nasty and unsupported rumours circulating by a vicious few.

    I agree that neighbourhood standards of cleanliness and refuse disposal have often been violated by some residents, but it is not the Mennonites who are doing it, but the rental homes which are crammed full of students and other renters but which makes money for the absentee owners who do little or nothing to supervise or keep the properties safe and in proper condition…fences falling down, holes in the driveway entrance to their property, etc. This does not include the noisy revelers who carry on interminably often throughout whole weekends making oudoor and sometimes indoor entertainment for the neighbours virtually impossible..

    These are the people we should be going after, not the Mennonites who are busy doing a useful other-person-centred service through their Compassion Houses and who ought to be welcomed with open arms in Windsor Park.


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