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Angel Flight Alberta Thanks Vision Credit Union

Angel Flight Alberta would like to send a HUGE thank you to the La Crete Vision Credit Union for their generous donation to Angel Flight Alberta! Donations like these allow us to continue in our mission helping Albertans in medical need.

Angel Flight Alberta is a charitable organization that provides free air transportation for people needing medical services at hospitals and centralized medical care facilities in Edmonton and Calgary. We use a network of volunteer pilots, aircraft owners and ground support to fly as needed, and as often as our capacity allows. We are unified to help Albertans get to and from their medical appointments efficiently, reducing stress, and at NO COST to the patient or family. Medical appointments are already stressful without worrying about travel, time off work, family logistics, and most common; expenses. By transporting patients to and from their appointments, often the same day, we enable patients to receive vital non-emergent medical care, that might otherwise be inaccessible due to financial, geographic, or medical limitations. We’re here to assist you!

Families from La Crete have had the privilege of having been flown to their appointments, and here are two testimonies of their experiences:


By Anne Krahn:

Our son Jase has Partial Trisomy 18. It’s a condition that presents differently in each person that is diagnosed with it. In Jase’s case, we deal with the following medical issues: G-tube and specialty formula for feeding, a wheelchair due to his inability to sit or stand, a seizure disorder, asthma, visual impairment, requiring oxygen equipment for night time sleeping and illnesses, scoliosis and developmental delay. Our family took 12 medical trips in 2016, all of which were for scheduled appointments. Each of these appointments requires my husband taking a day or 2 off work, the cost of gas, hotel rooms and meals. I had recently started to see ads for Angel flight on Facebook and was curious about it. Shortly thereafter, I chatted with a mom in the clinic who had had the opportunity to use this service and had an amazing experience. I went home and applied online for upcoming appointments we had with the scoliosis clinic at the Stollery, as well as a Home Nutrition appointment. A few weeks later, we drove to the La Crete airport with our luggage for the day. We took off at 10 a.m. with Dr. Wessels and arrived at the Villeneuve airport shortly after 11 a.m. Our rental vehicle from Enterprise was warm and waiting for us when we landed. We made the short drive to the Stollery for our appointments which took several hours, grabbed some lunch , and headed back to the airport. By 7 p.m. we had landed back at the La Crete airport! We are so grateful to have been given the gift of an Angel flight. Thank you so much to Dr. Wessels, our pilot, who donated the use of his plane and his time Kerry Pawluski, who coordinated everything so well, and everyone else at Angel flight who works to make this blessing possible!


By Becky Banman:

In the past year my transplanted kidney, that I received 15 years ago has failed. Since there is no dialysis unit in the community we live in I have been in Edmonton on dialysis since October. I live in la Crete 7 hours north of Edmonton. My family, husband and four kids are there and have come to Edmonton as many weekends as possible to come and see me. But when it came to Christmas, I really wanted to go home for a few days(3 days) in between dialysis runs. Angelflight made it possible for me. Instead of driving 7 hours when I’m not feeling great, angelflight van picked me up from my temporary home here in Edmonton and took me to the airport and within a few hours I was home!! The flight with angelflight made it possible for me to be home and I got to La Crete feeling so much better after a short flight instead of a long drive! Instead of my husband coming to Edmonton one day and us driving back the next, angelflight had me home Friday afternoon, giving us so much more time together as a family This way my husband didn’t have to take more time off and make the exhausting drive again. We are so grateful for the people of angelflight, the organizers, drivers and pilots. All of these people volunteer their time and abilities to help people like us, people on a medical journey of some kind, and make the aspect of travel so much easier. There’s a of things that are great about living in the north, but all the driving for medical trips isn’t one of them! Angelflight is an organization that helps with that aspect and we are so thankful to have heard about them and had such a great experience with them! Thanks again Angelflight!



Learn more about Angel Flight Alberta by visiting their website:

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