Warning over ‘Blue Whale’ suicide challenge

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Warning over ‘Blue Whale’ suicide challenge

EDITOR’S NOTE: Global News has not been able to independently verify the reports of suicides in Europe related to the “Blue Whale Challenge.”

“I want to play the game. Are you sure? There’s no way back.”

That is how the game begins. It’s a disturbing one and it’s called the “Blue Whale challenge.” It has teens completing a number of tasks over a 50-day period, the last one being to kill yourself. This is the newest twist to suicide pacts that are being shared among vulnerable teens online.

Just last month, authorities in France put out a public safety alert for parents to pay attention to warning signs if your child is acting strangely.

“I find that very disturbing. We know that youth is a time when we try to get our identity established and try to find our crowd of people,” family therapist Alyson Shafer said.

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