About Us

meet the

Ernie Peters

Willy Schmidt

Lisa Unrau

Dorothy Wiebe

Owner of La Crete Online
& Website Designer

Co-Owner &
Business Coach

Graphic Designer &
Website Designer

Receptionist &
Social Media Content Creation

Ernie’s love for business growth and constant learning is accompanied by his desire to help our clients achieve their business goals. His work encompasses website designing, project management, and business development. In the summer Ernie also runs Crosslane Asphalt Maintenance, a crack sealing company.

Willy was the owner of Willy’s Trucking, a local freight company for 13 years in Alberta and British Columbia. With years of first hand experience and many business seminars, Willy grew a passion for coaching new businesses and helping them grow. Willy’s belief is that success doesn’t happen by accident – it’s planned and earned through dedicated execution.

Lisa specializes in crisp and clean designs made specifically to target your business’ customers and match your personal aesthetic. Lisa will design your booklet ad, logo, business cards, and almost anything else.

Dorothy is our receptionist and also responsible for all accounts payable and receivable. Should you engage with La Crete Online, you’ll interface with Dorothy on a regular basis.